New Design Headquarters

We finally saved up enough doe to get this sweet ass 27 inc iMac! That and I have to thank my grandmother because without her this wouldn’t have been possible. Love you Mimi,… Continue reading

Emoticoats at One Spark

  My beautiful and wonderful Fiancee and her best friend started up a condom company a while back. They are condoms with package design inspired by emoticons. They also come in a discrete… Continue reading

Free T-Shirt Contest

Head over to my Facebook Page to check out the contest to try and win a FREE T-SHIRT. Click HERE or on the Graphic

Opey Bobo on Facebook

I just set up my new facebook fan page! check it out and please like it! I will be hosting contest’s and updates that will only be available on the facebook page! Click… Continue reading

Opey Bobo Design Contest

See you Monday April 15, 2013.

Happy Easter, Yall!

Happy Easter Everyone! New illustration roundup coming next week! Stay tuned and be sure to go to to view the artwork for sale, and the etsy shop for CUSTOM PORTRAITS!

Illustration Round Up

Here are the projects I have been working on this week. Sorry for the lack of progress shots. Work has been hectic and I am trying to put together a group of good… Continue reading

Mud Run shirt Design

Here is a preview of a design I created for a buddy of mine. It is a one color shirt for their upcoming mud run. Fun little project to work on while I… Continue reading

Raleigh, NC Trip

This past weekend my beautiful fiancee and I traveled to Raleigh, NC to visit one of her close friends. The trip was a GREAT experience, and gave us a chance to see somewhere… Continue reading

Artwork For Sale

This artwork is currently for sale! It can be used for a wide variety of media, including but not limited to apparel, posters and promotional gear. Email me to talk about prices &… Continue reading

80s Slasher Series

Here are some shots of the sketches I have been working on for a series of 80s Slasher Flicks. Thinking about getting these printed up for the etsy shop. Might start with a… Continue reading

Inspiration Weekend

This past weekend was an amazing decent into movie marathons, vegan snacks, the 80s, & b-horror. We started the weekend by eating delicious local sushi, followed by a night of sketching. The next… Continue reading

Opey Bobo Website is Up!!!

The new website is up and running. visit to check it out! *NOTE If you find a gramatical error, and I will assume someone out there will, please let me know. I… Continue reading

New Etsy Shop: Custom Fantasy Portraits

Hello everyone! Just wanted to update everyone on my new Etsy Store. The OpeyBoboEmporium! On my etsy store I will be creating custom fantasy inspired portraits. So if you need a gift, or… Continue reading

FrankenWolf Shirt now Available!

Check out my new design. The idea is what do horror monsters and creatures dress like for Halloween parties? You can purchase this shirt by clicking HERE, or on the image.  ALSO, this… Continue reading

“Beast” Series Sneak Peak

So in my journey to become an illustrator, I have about a million ideas and series that I want to complete. I was going down one road, but instead decided to collaborate with my fiancee… Continue reading

Welcome to Stavely Black, Formerly

The blog is up and running! Stavely Black is the inspiration and process for Opey Bobo Design. Named after key figures in the Batchelor-Bobo family, Stavely Black is a persona of the past,… Continue reading

Major Changes to

Hello everyone! I have finally decided to upgrade and stop using a blog as my website. Within the next few weeks, my new website will go live and this site will become my… Continue reading

Updated Opey Bobo Business Card

I finally decided to not skimp on my business card, and get a little professional help. I knew I wanted to have a stamp for a business card for a while. I like… Continue reading

PinkDirt Shop

For the past several months, I have been creating designs for Pink Dirt. “PinkDirt was established in 2001 through an enthusiastic passion for the sport of dirtbike riding. Today the PinkDirt clothing brand… Continue reading

Made it on a Homepage

Well sort of I guess. My debut shot on Dribble, was featured on their “Debuts” page. That’s kind of cool, right?!

Sketch roundup

I have been doing a lot of sketching lately. I am on a quest to get away from the computer as my main medium, and getting back to some hand made roots. I… Continue reading

Opey Bobo on Dribble

I am finally a player on Dribble! Check me out! Get me some likes!!

Cartoon Network Designs

Here are some of the Cartoon Network design’s I did that are now online. Click the images to purchase them from Pop Fanatics!

Rocky Roundup

Just went looking for some shirt inspiration and stumbled upon some old designs that are finally up! Check em out! Click the images to purchase them from Pop Fanatics!

Design Roundup

I am on this new ‘MericanMade kick, so look for lot’s of handmade ‘Merican! items to come. I recently discovered how to make notebooks, and each one is getting nicer and nicer. If I get… Continue reading

Busy Busy Busy

Merry late Christmas everyone! I know it has been a while, but between getting a new job and traveling all over Florida and Georgia, I finally have a moment to breath. So with… Continue reading

Alabama beats LSU

This was my first job doing a cartoon illustration for a sports shirt. I had a blast doing it and it will be leading to some future work outside of Box Seat, it… Continue reading